Mountain bike and other activities

Mountain bike and other activities  In Finale there are 1370 km of trails for cycling. A veritable playground where everyone can find the route fit to their needs and abilities: from beginner to agonist, the enthusiast of long hikes as the lover of single tracks, the bikers seeking technical routes such as downhillers more frantic. Raida plateau of Manie, that of San Bernardino, the Caprazoppa and Pian Marino, offering unique landscapes between the Mediterranean and the sea on the horizon. Information about routes find them here. Downhillers and freeriders can rely on Finale Freeride kids, active in the bike park of Finalborgo, guided excursions with bike shuttle on different tracks of varying difficulty. Source texts from the site:

Mountain bike tracks in Italy

Finale hosts more than 1370 Km of MTB tracks. Everyone can find a track that suits for his needs, from the beginner to the pro, from short to long tracks…